Thursday, 7 October 2010

Tribulations on the Train

Spec-crapular. Utterly crap-tastic. Our initial change was 30 minutes late (breakdown of other train on a line). The second one we then had to connect to was also 25 minutes late (failure of signal on a line) and I'm currently sat on the floor in Bristol Temple Meads, having given up on the stupid blue sloped bench affair.

There are about a dozen of us displaced, weary souls at the arse end of nowhere (platform 13 would you believe) hiding from the bitter air blowing in the open station side. At least this waiting room has an electric heater, if not sensible benches. We were supposed to be home by 10. Looks like it's going to be midnight. And a long night at that...

One of the ticket masters agreed that it would certainly be faster to go by car, not to mention possibly cheaper "and certainly more reliable, but I didn't say that!" We passed the time by eating our dinner; ham sammiches, cake and crisps kindly provided by Nan. Had to giggle at the "SnackRite" crisps (ownbrand Aldi's) Nan won in a raffle - they were "salt your own".

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