Friday, 8 October 2010

Traaaaaaaaaaains. Must ... Have .... Traaaaiiiiiiiins.

My brain has melted: 00:33, and we're finally home. Two hours late and to top it off, we found an interesting life form in a glass of juice His Lordship forgot.

Slept. Woke up very disoriented. Went shopping, appalled by sheer amount of people. It's a FRIDAY people, why aren't you all at WORK? You can't ALL be on holiday like me, surely... Seriously, that's just not what a disorientated person needs on a day like this. Cup of hot chocolate and my mental state might start recovering.

There, that's better - much closer to human. On my shopping trip, the Nice Bloke in Tesco's tried to convince me to buy a £200 DVD player, because ours sadly ate itself and ate a disk. I smiled politely and went "Nah, cheapest and smallest. Oooh, £20 - that's more like it! Thanks!" Poor Bloke, I understand he was trying to help, but I really didn't need to spend £200. I can't even work out WHY it's £200.

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