Saturday, 23 October 2010

Caleb the Weather Dog

Holy crap! I was just this minute saying to His Lordship that I'll go out now and get the shopping - when suddenly... BLAM! WEATHER! Rain pounding down, causing instant rivers in the carpark, instantly followed by piercing hailstones, roaring thunder, blasts of lightning that whack his computer offline (thank goodness for batteries - the laptop's still running) - the hailstones are pounding down now as big as marbles.

Just as suddenly as it started, it's gone again. The big black clouds have vanished, blue skies and sunshine. And great big holes through my rhubarb plant. Thank goodness I took my rare cosmoses in yesterday, they'd never have withstood the onslaught - the downdraught from the storm was extraordinary, we could even feel it inside the house. (Pic: rivers of ice in the yard!)

Caleb the Weather Dog - "It will be a barking good day today with a bit a of bite to the wind. Make no bones about it: weather like this is something to woof about, as it's very nippy. People everywhere will be yapping about the ruff weather coming from the South. Mind you, I could be barking up the wrong tree!" Caleb is J's hearing dog - and he has a startlingly accurate ability to predict the weather a good two-three hours before it hits, allowing J to take her medicine before the barometric shifts make her dizzy and sick.

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