Saturday, 18 September 2010

Sunny Saturday

Today has been one of those glorious days. Up early for an appointment, driving in the crisp, cool September morning air on silent roads into town. A brisk jog from the parking behind work to the doctors (apparently my lack of sense of smell and it's mutation isn't anything to worry about - it just happens) and from there, a leisurely wander into town as the sun warms the pavements.

By this time, town is packed. I mean, literally jamsammiched. Primark here is shocking to even the most hardened jumble sale veteran - but it's such good value, you can't really mind. One lady was laughing, because normally she doesn't stop to pick stuff up off the floor like the staff are supposed to, but by pure chance, she found the exact top in her size that she'd been looking for, for the past fifteen minutes. It's great, so long as you can find something that hasn't already been stood on.

I picked up a brown rollneck (too tight - I grabbed a 14 by mistake, oops!), two pairs of brown trousers that I paid for instead of waiting an hour at the changing rooms to try on (too short, as usual, and will be traded up a size onMonday) a pack of funktastic bright socks, some new bobbles and two funky new shirts for His Lordship. I also picked Him up some Flying Saucers and Pistachios from Julian Greaves, and a couple of boxes of bargain Thorntons to put aside for Christmas (as well as two of their newest Limited Edition chocolates - review tomorrow). By this time it was SCORCHING hot, so I trundled home on my laden bike just in time for a nice cool drink, lunch, the weather to turn cloudy and to upgrade my laptop sidebar. I got a cute flower clock this time! Bargain!

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