Friday, 24 September 2010

"Hey, Bob, I need something to keep the door open!"

I know our house used to be a bit of a bodgit thanks to the previous owners, and still has bits to fix, but England's Worst DIYers really take the biscuit. I mean, I thought our wallpaper (which we're not guilty for!) was bad but this chap didn't have paste, so he started by using Bluetac. When that failed and promptly dumped paper over his head, he flipped and took a staple gun to it!

Mind you, it was the floor painting that made me laugh. All three men ran out of paints, so the wallpaper bodger painted bold stripes on the floor using the wall paint and the second chap paints most of the floor except for the space where the bed will be (whic I admit is pretty economical) until he gets creative, stepping in paint to leave deliberate footsteps across the floor and gets stuck at the window. The last bloke uses "decorative splattering" in a "Pollock-style art effect" More like "Pillock Style"!

Picture unrelated, but a perfect example of pure idiocy. It makes my brain hurt even as I laugh.

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