Monday, 27 September 2010

Bug Hunting!

After a leisurely dinner of Hunter's Chicken with His Lordship's family (thanks!), I trundled home whilst He stayed on to arrange some of the charities paperwork with his brother. This gave me time to pack the train-meals for Tuesday, sort the dry washing and go bug hunting for Terry. Well, he still needs to eat whilst we're away and he'll go nabbing the insects I put in, as well as the slices of plum and the waxmoth cocoons I'll hide in the corners for him to go find.

I did rather well having a poke in the brushpile by the fence, hoppers, worms and pillbugs galore (I chucked out the centipede, they're not good in tanks!) - but I really struck gold when I shifted my pots - I found a white-legged snake millipede! This pretty little devil, (approx the same size as Img: will tunnel safely through the soil away from Terry's eyes and munch happily on the natural fungi in the substrates. Yay, millipede!

I didn't find one of these, but I still think it's very cute!

Three hours later and I've finally tackled the Etna of ironing I had to eradicate, and packed it straight in the case. His linen shirt is beautiful, but I HATE ironing it - instant crease magnet!

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