Sunday, 8 August 2010


Well, my folks found out about my hobby and I got a phonecall from my grandmother. She said she was hurt... but only because she nearly fell off her chair laughing at my blog! My mum on the other hand went "hmmm", much to my worry. "We'll have to think of a proper stripper name for you then, won't we?" she goes! Mind you, when I had my tattoo done, the first thing she said was "COOL! Let's look then!"

What can I say, my family are pretty damn cool.

I bought Terry a new plant today. Now, I'd heard the rumour that geckos don't much like it when you change their territory, but I hadn't realised just how true this was. He spent the first 15 minutes sat carefully at the far edge of his bed-plant, looking at it. Then he approached it with extreme caution and sat with great trepidation on his bendy vine to examine it. With braver bounds, he shot up the back wall to glare at the intruder. From a safe distance of course. He's been stalking round it, muttering to himself and is currently creeping up on it glacier-style along the top edge of his corkbark along the ceiling. Correction - he's just leapt on it with a resolute "CRASH" and is trying it out for size. These bigger leaves appear to be quite comfortable to reptilian behinds once you stop panting fit to burst and get used to the idea that the invader isn't actually dangerous.

I did grab this lovely photo (again with the ancient phone) just after he'd had a massive drink. He'd noticed the vine was damp and so was licking off the residual wet. Yep, he climbs up on his branch first every evening to watch what we're doing, then climbs to a U in the vine where he lazes, hammock-style to watch TV.

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