Friday, 20 August 2010

Lizard Lights!

I could not ASK for better! That is lush. I mean, really, that's made my day that has - and it's a Friday where I get the weekend off, for goodness sake! :D

*coughs* Sorry. Now I'm over that nerdgasm of OMGTHATSAWESOME, I'll be a bit more rational. His Lordship says "Yarbles", which is an agreement into their funktastical appearance.

I have to admit, I nearly smacked myself in the nose when I picked up the box - I was expecting it to be a bit heavier, and I was surprised when I opened it - I was expecting something much clunkier! I was expecting a chunky laptop style transformer, so that was quite good too as it takes up much less room, and I don't have to worry about where to fit it in my plug-shelves.

That's actually perfect though - flexible and thin for fitting, it's only wired up one end to a wee dinky transformer which makes life SO much easier and the colour of the light is delicious. It's brought a healthy, late afternoon sunshine feel to their tanks at last.

Kyle was so astonished, she's actually come out of her tunnel of her own accord and has been sat looking at the pretty new lights (bottom tank picture, sat on the hut). More than that though, she actually looks happy about it. She's a grumpy girl at the best of times, but that's just her way. Tsam, my male lizard, was thoroughly bemused (top tank, looking confused). He's now sat on his hut to take a closer look and pull faces at them, which is always a good sign with Tsam.

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