Monday, 16 August 2010

Developing Dragon Lights!

If you're a reptile keeper, you'll know we all have the problem of struggling with the right lighting - I don't trust Mercury Vapours as they are too unstable for my liking, tungsten bulbs are getting rare and aren't energy efficient, and fluor 10.0 tubes are too dim to be ideal for doing the job of lighting alone... (Pic: example of dim UV lighting. Model - Tsam.)

However, after hours of research, I've finally sorted my favourite combination into the PERFECT combination. I'm using ceramics on thermostats for energy efficient heating, 10.0s for UV - and DoneDeal1966 on eBay has been helping me customise an ideal compliment to brighten up the tanks.

We've developed a modular parallel LED striplight system. Yup, you got me. Warm white for nearer daylight colours to complement the UV fluors, sensible cable lengths for stacked or close together tanks, multiple strips from the one transformer for efficiency and cost effectiveness. We've even worked out how to have the strips "disconnectable", so if you're like me and only currently have two tanks and a third being built, you can unplug one until you're ready. Also, it will help SO much with fitting the lighting strips (which by the way have adhesive cushion backs for easy fixing!) - no more dangerous cutting of cables, simply unplug from the transformer, run the cable through the hole or vent, fix and plug it in - the ultimate plug and play lighting!

I'm really pleased with the £45 ($70 USD approx) price, bearing in mind it was fully customised for my requirements and can be for your exact needs too! Mine's 3x 1M of Warm White Waterproof LED strips (60 LED's per Metre), each with 1M power tails and "disconnecting plugs" going to the 110-240 transformer with nearly 2M of flex to the 12Volt Plug. Better yet, because it's a 110-240V self alternating transformer, it's going to work for you good folks in the US too, all you'd need is a travel adapter to sort the plug to fit your wall socket! :)

I haven't got pictures yet, as he's only just began building it, but I hope to have it by the end of the week, upon which date pictures and installation story will be unveiled on this here thread :D *excited*

If you're interested - and fancy a bit of discount whilst you're at it! - have a word with DoneDeal1966 on eBay and mention "indigobluefish". With a bit of work, you'll have a happy dragon like this! (Pic: Happy dragon. Model - Kyle.)

I may have looked like I was slacking since the Bearded Dragon Soap testing, but I'm still hard at work! Shame I haven't been able to crack the UV LED puzzle yet - then we'd be really set.

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