Sunday, 29 August 2010

Computer Cleaning...

I got given £30 today! I spent two nights cleaning up her computer and installing some nice new free softwares for them. PCWorld wouldn't touch it. Because they're stupid and said they couldn't do it. They could do a full system restore, but they'd lose all their stuff. Which is retarded, so I offered to fix it for them.

Thankfully, the virus they had was a mild version of that copyright one I had. Took me a couple of hours to rip it out and then I spent another 10 hours cleaning up over a third of their harddrive space, reclaiming programmes and junking crap. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I've sent them off with ClamWin, Adaware, WinDirStat, OpenOffice, Chrome, CCleaner - piles and piles of stuff. And I left them a nice little present too. I found a lovely picture of their son, had Himself photoshop it and clean it up, and set it as their background.

After that I spent the afternoon doing maintenance, cleanup and bloggage on my miniature machine - it might be cheap, it might be small, but it's pocket sized and reliable! We also took the dragons for a walk down to the shop to pick up some milk, and scared the bejaysus out of the half-asleep guy on the tills at Tesco. "Just these two." I said, handing up my wicker basket. He went to pick up my "items" and only then clocked the lizards smiling up at him.

Related Quote: "Hah, I thought for a moment, 'Hang on, we don't sell those... do we?' and then I figured not... Still made me think though!" - Tesco guy Elliott

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