Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Brilliant Butterfly

I saw a rather extraordinary insect about a week ago, and promptly went mental trying to find out what it was. After literal hours of poring over guide of butterflies of the UK and then moving on to butterflies of the world, picture after picture after picture, I finally discovered what this creature was!

It turned out to be a MOTH of all things - a Magpie Moth.

As you can see, I found one today flutting round the garden - until His Lordship's father accidentally stood on the poor bugger. Thankfully he didn't do too much damage to the insect's wings as it managed to squeeze between two large stones at JUST the right moment - very lucky indeed. I scooped it up gently and took it inside to grab a picture or two.

The pretty little creature fluttered off my hand, flooted a neat circle and came back again. As luck would have it, I already had some nectar mix made up with added calcium as a treat for Terry and the dragons. Better yet, calcium is GOOD for butterflies (and moths, in this case)!

Hahahahah! I just found out this pretty little creature that I just rescued, fed and released is the little sod may very well have been behind the destruction of my gooseberry bush! It must have been a lucky escapee from the earlier infestations. Hah. Well, I have fruit, just no leaves on my poor, beleaguered plant. I won't complain though, what with such a pretty insect!

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