Friday, 30 July 2010

Perfect Party or Brutal Beating?!

I was chatting to a work colleague when I got home last night, and we got onto recipes, diet and the sort. I realised it takes a lot of time, effort and money to be in this good shape - round is a great shape! I wooould diet and exercise, but I'm lazy and I like food. To which, she replied: "Oh ditto, food is a bloody big downfall!"

Having been bored senseless with the gym once the trainers stopped pushing me (and being unable to afford £35 a month to run on the spot), I've been looking for something a little more interesting - and it's finally made it to my town. And better yet, they're having an introductory evening!

Yes, I confess - I've always wanted to go poledancing. Whilst I'm not your average sort of character for this kind of thing, I've always fancied giving it a go and think I've got what it takes, with my ability to suck it up and go for it when there's a silly game required at work and everyone else is protesting loudly at how embarrassing it's going to be singing "Old
MacDonald Had A Farm" complete with noises and actions. Look at it this way, it's an interesting skill, it's good exercise and great fun. Will look fabulous on my CV too, doncha think Nan? Hehehehehe...

Not only that, but they're having a party with free dance sessions (burlesque too), goodie bags, complimentary drinks and nibbles, a raffle and a prize draw to win your very own pole. Sounds good to me!

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So yeah, I went, and now I'm back - it's 10pm. Having just read it, you'll know the advert said games, demonstrations, drinks and nibbles. Well, there was one game, the "demonstrations" were 2x 45 minute WORKOUTS for everyone, I had two glasses of lemonade and there were no nibbles in sight anywhere! But I'm still going to go back. It was awesome fun, frustrating and all. Yes, I've signed up for more punishment, though I have come home with aches, pains, and bruises you wouldn't believe. I didn't expect to get so bashed around - or bash myself so much rather... I have burns, bruises, blisters and scrapes!

Lesson learned: Poledancing really hurts. I have a whole lot of respect for the professionals. You'll have to excuse me - I was expecting food at this "party", so I'm going to haul my ass towards some food and then sleep until I have to go to work tomorrow.

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