Thursday, 24 June 2010


I'm tuckered out! After all the furniture shifting, I got home the other evening and moved the fridge freezer into the living room, both axolotl tanks into the front room and whipped up a wonderful sausage, mushroom and vegetable casserole in time for His Lordship returning from a meeting with one of his clients. I probably ought to explain that we're moving the bigger items into the front room due to the impending kitchen renovation - it looks like it's happening FAST! This is the sort of look we've chosen:

Though we're getting a "jamocha" granite solid stone worksurface rather than the laminate shown in the picture, which will be nice! I always fancied a proper solid worktop. (Img: It'll be so nice to have a fresh, clean kitchen that has things in the right order and easily accessible; I dream of having a sink the right way round! Our sink has a diddy worktop, then the sink, then the dry rack and then all the rest of the worktop - it's in backwards. (However it now turns out after all the fuss that we're definitely getting granite, we're NOT actually now. Oh well.)

Terry is 15.1g and freshly shed - a squeaky new 'ko.

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