Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Long Live Learning!

I had a marvellous flashback to my schooldays today - and just how NAFF my school really was. Our Geography ceiling fell in and knocked Mr Edwards out, followed by the science ceiling a couple of days later... One end of our school was sealed off and sold to a school for problem kids that broke in and stole stuff. Our main hall impressively set on fire and flooded itself on the same evening. My first years of IT were on BBC PCs - green and black screen with dot matrix printers and eight inch floppy disks... (Pic: Wikicommons) After that, it was dodgy old Windows computers with no mouse balls. I fail to understand what value the ball from a mouse has, but everyone stole them! And the rest of my years in IT (and History... and German, come to think of it) was a shockingly fast rotation of staff members rapidly leaving. I recall one of our smaller history teachers got hospitalised when she sat on a desk and it collapsed...

Whilst school didn't exactly instill a love of learning into me, my family did - I enjoy finding out interesting new things: I learned today that fire as we know it, the flame itself, is a glowing hot gas released by the combustion of the fuel itself... And to those who say you can't drink tea with chopsticks, I say "PAH!" You can if you're in SPACE.

But here's a thought for you folks - if the clip below creeps you out, you might just be suffering from "consecotaleophobia", otherwise known as the phobia of chopsticks! Here's something to go with your chopstick tea - some Japanese kitkats in an entire kitkat kaleidoscope of weird flavours! Enjoy, and always remember to work hard.

"The world owes you nothing. It was here first." - Mark Twain

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