Saturday, 26 June 2010

Doctor Who + Loituma = Awesome

I have to say, I actually like our new Doctor Who. I miss Tennant of course, but the new boy is doing a grand job really. We've just watched the last episode of the season and I laughed my ass off. Very well done Mr Moffat - I've always appreciated your work, but that really was a slight in the face of the many... and so subtly done. You'll of course remember in previous seasons there have been subtle tie-ins through all the episodes, ones you don't remember at the time or connect until they all swarm back to you in the final, explanatory episode (remember the Bad Wolf graffiti for a good example). This one however, it had the tie in blatantly staring you in the face all the way - but we didn't know the story behind it. Just like the others, but delicately backwards. Bravo sir, bravo.

So here's the Doctor Who Numa, fully updated!

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