Saturday, 5 June 2010

Busy Bumble Bees...

Sorry for the language, but this lovely aquatic picture had me howling with laughter. He's very interested in that anemone - but look very closely, and keep looking... It takes a while...

If when you see it, you don't like it, feel free to put it through the webpage shredder: by clicking here and typing in the web page!

I had quite a busy day today; I went and watered the fruit, veg and pots with the tumbledrier and the boiler... I ought to explain - the tumbledrier is a condenser, so it has a pot of water it collects, and the boiler leaks, so there's a bucket outside collects the drips! The bees have been wuzzing round pollinating my chives, my raspberries and strawberries - so we can look forward to bright red, lumpy, onion flavour fruit next year - hahahah!

We took a run into town to have ice cream at Thorntons (huge thanks for our BOGOF token, greatly appreciated!) and I got my mountain of ironing done for the most part. I also took Kyle out for a quick run in the garden and gave her a manicure to see if it would cheer her up (it did) and Tsam was more than happy with a lick of his Dragon Drops.

And His Lordship has finally joined our Blogger ranks. Not much so far, but here's The Linkie.

"I am very disappointed. My magic stars, have been reduced to ... A MAGIC CLUMP! Awww... You can see their little faces distorted into screams as they melted." Joe.

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