Sunday, 13 June 2010

Building Beds and Lovely LOLs?

*phew* I am BAKED. His Lordship Senior has decided he wants to randomly gift us with a new kitchen and bathroom. Unfortunately, due to the mental way this house is wired (see late last year's bathroom fan fiasco) we need to rip up our bedroom floorboards to be able to access the wiring and make it go in the right direction.

So, I fished out my trusty allen key and took the bed to pieces, dragged it through and put it together in the spare (junk) room. His Lordship came to see where I'd got to; I grinned proudly and told him "I made the bed!" Literally. He couldn't believe I'd taken it all through and rebuilt it. (I think he forgot about my prowess with flatpack and the fact that we'd built the bed in the first place. Or rather, he'd kindly held bits still whilst I built it.) I do like making things...

Talk to the claw!

So I'm making LoLizards - the reptile's answer to LolCats!

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