Thursday, 3 June 2010

Bombs and Bongos?

"You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!" - A famous line indeed, and never truer after the attempt on a Berlin Bank, May 28th.

In an effort to break open an ATM, they primed the machine with explosives - stood well back - and watched the entire building accidentally go up with a BOOM. Once the cloud of smoke had dispersed, with almost unnatural comedy failure - the amused ATM stood happily in the centre of the wreckage and rubble, mostly unharmed, being watched over by a slightly puzzled but still secure safe.

Better yet, they set their own truck on fire, when the blazing fragments came crashing down, having used 10 times as many gas canisters as required for the job. A local police spokesman said "They really botched this one!" Working with these metallic money munchers, I can honestly say I'm not in the least surprised. Lesson: Do your research first. Buncha numpties.

(Terry: 14.4g now and pooped on His Z key.)

Please, ignore the accompanying video, but do listen to this rather catchy music. We've been tapping our feet to it for DAYS... It seemed somewhat appropriate.

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