Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Billboard Bombardment

(Img 1) You have to give these two massive companies credit. Not only do they wage all out war against each other in the market, they do it in the advertising department too - and they do it with a sense of humour and flair. I very rarely see anything so funny!

Apart from Nerd-Wars. Hanny got into a bit of an argument with a girl who thought she was the geekiest, and called upon the nerdiest person she knows... Me. I'm not normally so obnoxious, and explained so afterwards. After a while of hedgehog pingpong (prickly back and forth banter) we've actually settled on an even ground and as always, I've got her to review her opinion of me, successfully. We both like The Big Bang Theory and odd languages. Ich bin a langer lucksh.

(Img 2) In retaliation to "Checkmate" Audi responded with this sassy comeback, featuring their new R8 Supercar.

"Hallo, I'm a friend of Hanny's, and I believe I uber-out-nerd you. I'm female, have an IQ of 136 at only 24 and I'm not naive enough to think I'm the absolute in Dorkdom, but I'm pretty high up there. My stats to the title: I beat the Ice Queen on Runescape at only lvl 43. I know that 14+ strength in D&D gives you a plus one bonus. I own 300+ Doctor who books, including a first edition 1964 very first Doctor Who annual. I paint warhammer models. I also enjoy String Theory (physics) as a hobby. I've been playing Neopets for over nine years and recently won an award for my article "A whole Neo-World of Food". I also worked out the fiscal value of a Vorpal Sword WITH a movie of the Robot Pirates song. I can recite the entirety of the Kubla Khan by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and this little sucker ~ is called a Tilde. "

(Img 3) And BMW remained satisfyingly smug, with a beautiful poster released shortly after. Hehehe, insufferable gits!

Ah well. I put my creative writing to good use once we'd amicably resolved the nerd-disagreement, and finished my second article for Neopets. Watch this space! (I'm also writing a third now...)

But if you want the ultimate in all out war, you need to see the world of aquatic snails. Especially THESE guys. These pretty, black and brown striped animals have specialised in an extreme manner; these are Assassin Snails. They've tuned their engines and can outpace almost any other gastropod, and they can even hide by hanging upside-down on the water surface, waiting to drop down and strike an unwary snail, leaving behind little more than an empty shell as they literally rip it out and devour it... Respect Nature - she's seriously badass.

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