Saturday, 8 May 2010

Snow Wars and Snotters

Ugh. This bug really HAS taken it out of me as I appear to have contracted that horrible computer virus. It's rotten: my throat is sore, my nose is running, my head aches and I feel queasy. I have been working hard though, as we didn't have enough staff - but I'm afraid they'll just have to work it out tomorrow. I haven't taken a sick day since I dislocated my knee last year. I've been mostly snoozing on and off, coughing a lot, being sick a couple of times, snotting buckets and poking simple games on the computer when I can't sleep. On a plus side, this does mean I scored another trophy, landing the silver in Snow Wars - Neopet's version of Battleships. It's a very simple game, one you can switch your brain off and do the same grid clicking until you win. Tsammy says "Haaaaaaaaaaaa."

I hope it rains soon - it's been grey and glum for nearly a week, but not a drop of rain for my poor parched garden. Either that, or I need to get better sharpish, the plants are starting to suffer. Although, interestingly, two of my pepper plants are rocketing up and one is collapsing. I can't for the life of me work out why as they've been treated identically. Oh, there we go, told you it was easy enough to beat - I just won the gold trophy. Wonderful what you can do when you're snoozing. His Lordship makes a marvellous pasta sauce for poorly people, all textural with sweet and salty tones; perfect if you can't smell to taste things. I've had several naps too - I'm exhausted! Tsam now says "Haaaaaafff" with cress breath.

"Aaaaaaaaah." With his eyes shut. Oh - wait... "Blaaa. Blib. Blicklicklick." All good!

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