Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Frightful Food and Missing Meal!

His Lordship has "perfected" a not-very-nice edible rubbery foam. It was SUPPOSED to be what he thinks is a chocolate microwave brownie. 4 tbsps self raising flour, ditto sugar, 3 milk, 3 oil, 2 cocoa, 1 egg and 3 minutes in the microwave in a mug. I have to say, it is properly revolting - literally like rubber foam furniture filling (and c'mon, we've all had a bite on rubber foam at some point, just to see)... I didn't get a pic, so here's the atomic-fail pizza from Hornoxe.

Whilst microwaving it was amusing because "it ballooned out of the cup, which is visually entertaining"but upon emerging from "it's natural habitat" of the microwave, it shrank by about 50% and "seems to create some form of new polymer liable to be of interest to NASA." It seems to have great defensive properties once cooled, resisting a vicious attack with a spoon: "Once cooled it's suitable for the MoD to attempt ballistics halt experiments." In fact, he's actually abandoned it - he says he daren't finish it. Coming from a man happy to drink 3 days out of date milk? That's impressive.

I can honestly say I've never eaten spiky jelly before either. The fridge swapped modes again and froze everything in it again - including my bowl of lime jelly. Very bizarre - it's melty and crunchy, solid and squashy, lumpy and soft... "Odd." says man of few words. Crunchy jelly is WRAWNG. (Neopets: Frozen Jelly)

It didn't help that the local baker didn't actually do his banking today and completely forgot to deliver the sammich I paid for this morning, but his cleaner was very amused when I arrived after work, to "collect my non-existent lunch". I got a refund and I shan't complain - he does do the most wonderful doughnuts and pastries! This IS the world's CUTEST sammich though - as found on

Does it count if it only has one bread? No, wait, I don't care. It's still supercute.

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