Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Disappointing Dinner :(

I'm getting quite disappointed by The Real China as the quality of the food really seems to be dropping which is a shame, as I used to really love it there, especially the value!

The chicken balls were more like dumplings with a surprise chicken centre - the surprise being when you actually find it. The sweet and sour chicken, whilst good in flavour, seemed to be missing much of it's meat, and the lemon chicken was similarly lacklustre - it ought really have been called just "chicken" as no lemon was discernible in the flavour at all. This seemed to be another current theme of the food, as (normally my favourite dish) the crispy shredded chili beef appeared to have little to no taste whatsoever.. And why are the noodles SO orange? I want the prawn toast back! I miss the chicken-fried, sesame coated, juicy and crunchy prawn toast...

Terry is 14.3g now after a good dinner, and developing a real cute character. He likes to watch TV late at night from the point in the vine that bends into a comfy, U shaped bench, or he likes to "sneak up" on me and find new ways of drawing my attention purely by staring from some odd position. My favourite so far has to be hung upside down, head twisted round and peering round a corner from a leaf.

"If your gecko is broken, do you have a reptile dysfunction?" - Jack and Jill, Pixdaus

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