Sunday, 16 May 2010

Banana Mad!

Tsammy's currently squiggled in an S shape, his head resting on his hands and his mouth hung open again as he slowly nods off. He's been sat on the windowsill gaping, and sat on his log, gaping. It's very hard work all this gaping. I mustn't forget that banana-devouring is exhaustingly strenuous. He was reeeally going for that mushy, over-ripe fruit! YOMNOMnom.

This time of year is his favourite, as all his favourite fruits come back in the shops. Strawberries are freakin' awesome too! Tsam has eaten strawberries, cherries and raspberries this weekend and now his face is all stained pink from the juice! Mucky pup.

Holy CRAP though. Heston Blumenthal the chef really blows me away! I just caught the episode of 1970's foods on Demand, with his sweetie smells flying saucer spells, followed up by the 80's foods... Noooooodles!

Kyle has been exercising her impressive staying-in-one-place ability and putting a lot of effort into keeping me company. I have just won a silver trophy in Cellblock! It's been a rough week at work - Tuesday I had to close my branch because I didn't have enough staff to run it, and Weds I had to close early and drive to work at another branch in the other village...

Then I had to go to the main office for another two hours to sit in on a meeting - as none of my permanent staff were available to go and someone really ought to know what's going on. Come leaving, I hop onto the bike and the heavens open with the full works, hail and all - for just long enough to cause a flash flood at the bottom of my street and completely soak my suit and uniform. Nice! Oh, I also bagged my gold Cellblock trophy. Shame winning tournaments doesn't work so easily in real life - I'd be rolling in it right about now.

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