Monday, 5 April 2010

Yarrr, Mateys!

France's Anti-Piracy Squad had the fail of all fails - by pirating fonts for their own logo! The unlicensed font "Bienvenue" is an exclusive corporate typeface owned by France Telecom-Orange products, and was used to create the Hadopi logo. Zut alors! (Img:

Piracy led me to thinking about gold, gold coin particularly, so I did an interesting bit of math with a view to calculating the value of a "Vorpal Sword" from gold pieces to today's money - the same sword used to slay the Jabberwock from Lewis Carrol's Jabberwocky! The current cost, according to multiple games and sites: 96000 gold. So, working on the principle that a good gold coin (of 24 carats) is about 1/10 oz, or 2.835g approx, and the price of gold( as of 12:22 05/04/10) is £23,768.41 per kilo - a bit of simple math (96000 coins times 2.835 grams is 272160 grams. Divide by 1000 for the kilo, 272.16 kilos, multipled by the current value of gold per kilo) - and we can now show that by today's money, a Vorpal Sword would set you back a healthy £6,468,810.47!

Whilst looking up the value of pieces of eight (actually, "pieces of eight" are made of silver, not gold!) I also found the Official Robot Pirates song from Lawlolawl Studios:

Related Quote of the Day: AlvinGordian: "0110000101101100011011000010000111100101101111011101010111 0010001000000111001101101000011010010111000001110011001000 00011000010111001001100101001000000110001001100101011011
00011011110110111001100111001000000111010001101111001000000 11101010111001100101110" Translation - "All your ships are belong to us."

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