Thursday, 15 April 2010

The Phantom Lawnmower...

How very, very strange. We were cooking some lunch when I threw some bread out for our robin and the gang of sparrows - when I noticed a pile of grass clippings next to the composter, against my gooseberry plant. His Lordship was just as puzzled - it wasn't HIS pile of clippings - so who had dumped them there? How cheeky!

Until I had a look out the front. Someone has randomly mown my front lawn! I nipped round to the Romanian and the Pole next door to ask if they had done it - and he staggered back in shock. "I haven't mown MY lawn; someone has mown my lawn!" Ahh, they'd got him too. He laughed and said "We must have a friendly grass ghost!" How utterly bizarre - but not that I'm complaining! (Img: Possible photo of the Ghost Lawnmower - unknown source)

I still can't work out WHEN they did it though, as I don't remember seeing it yesterday - but then again we did go out most of the afternoon. We went bowling -I still suck - 34. Then for dinner at Mulberrys with mushroom soup and ostrich steak (they are doing a delicious BOGOF on their Grill menu on Weds) followed by an evening at the Theatre for the Tommy Cooper Commemorative Show which was a rather nice depiction of the highs and lows of our favourite magician. It could be that the Grass Ghost snuck in around then... (Img: His Lordship)

Thank you, we're delighted!

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