Saturday, 17 April 2010

Hey, have you seen this?

Hey Mum, got you again! This is a game my family play - if you can make someone look at this hand sign, by any means necessary, you win. Below the waist: you get to hit them as well!

I forgot a bit from a previous post, just as His Lordship was rushing out to see his father at hospital, the local Jehova's Witnesses came to call. Normally he stops and has a nice long chat/cup of tea with them, but was obviously in a hurry. The Jehova's Ladies didn't utter a word of Bible and gave him a speedy lift straight there. Just goes to show -be nice to people and sometimes Karma returns the favour.

Seems to work well with dragons too - Kyle had been banging on her door for about half an hour, so I let her out whilst I made sammiches. She'd happily gone back to her bed when I got back, and I found why she'd been knocking... She'd wanted to go to the toilet in private and being the discreet lizard she is, she found an empty box behind the sofa! Bless her, she does her best to be tidy and it certainly made cleaning up easy.

Doesn't work with some eBayers though: I missed a skirt I rather liked (well, two as it turns out from the same person) as I wasn't in at Auction end and they went unsold. I emailed the owner to ask if they were still interested in selling as the skirts were a reasonable 99p startoff with £1.50 postage each. The owner was interested - but promptly asked for £10 for the both. Hang on a what did you? £10?! I hate to say it, but they didn't sell, one's hem is falling down and the other has a broken zip and velvet scuffs - I'm not paying a tenner for that when they were going for 99p each!

I was pleased to see she relisted the items at 99p - but more than a bit disappointed to see she'd put them to £4 buy-it-now and £3 postage each. I won't buy them on auction or BIN out of principle. When they fail to sell, as I am confident they will do, then I'll offer again.

We had a herring gull stomping about on our flat roof near the back of the house at 6 this morning again. Trouble is, you can hear when a herring gull is busy doing it's shouty, heavy-footed dances from all over the house: "thud BLARK thud thud WAARKWARK thud thudthudthud THUD". Noisy gits. I got mad after half an hour, so I grabbed a broom and went round following it, banging the ceiling where it is, whilst His Lordship waved a long brush out of the window. Took us ages to scare the bugger off. RSPB says they have "Red Status" - I'm sorry RSPB, I'm certainly not letting the sod roost up there, no matter HOW comfy and convenient it is for him! (Img: Worth1000 QTFan451)

Quote of the Day: "If you think things can't get any better, you must be doing damn well, so smile about it!" - Me.

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