Thursday, 8 April 2010

Corsets and Crystals

It's going to be a sparkly week when my things turn up! My American friend has sent my parcel today, the Chinese gemhunter should also be sending my box of rocks, I've found a supplier for some awesomeness "rocklets" and I placed my order for some new corset tops. I thought this one would go well with my dark blue jumper that has a diagonal zip across the front - that would look SUPERCOOL glittering out from inside. I picked three in the end, as they were buy two, get one free, from Red, blue and black with the scatter of sparkles down the front.

Talking of clothing, I really ought to do some ironing - I just spotted Tsam claiming king of the mountain, bobbiting on my stack of "waiting to be ironed"! Mind you, I might consider taking up Extreme Ironing as a hobby - it does look fun. The idea behind Extreme Ironing is to take it out into the world: at the top of mountains, under water on the sea bed, at race tracks, anything extreme - even at the Antarctic Pole of Inaccessibility. Although, in a bizarre twist, the Wii is bringing it back indoors again with it's Wacky World of Sports game...

Mind you, I think flying toy planes with Grandad comes under the heading of Extreme Sports simply for the danger factor involved! My Nan bought him a little plane for his birthday and I'd stocked him up on mints and batteries, prompting a run out to the local stretch of parkland for a scoot around. Yes Alfonzo, it turns out I DO know someone with a plane after all, but it's only 8" long - but lethal in the wrong hands. And unfortunately, Grandad had hold of the controls... Here's a great picture of him almost winging himself with it. Look closely and you can see the plane just about to ram him in the head (he ducked just in time)!

I may have to buy a couple of these planes myself on Maplin's Online - they're AWESOME. I do like the internet for purchases of all kinds, especially when it comes to Christmas shopping - you can find all sorts of unusual gifts, like Nan's animal print loo rolls I bought her last year, when she wanted "something pretty to blow her nose on"!

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