Saturday, 24 April 2010

Baffling Beardies

After spending months concerned that Kyle's eyesight was bad, it turns out that dragons see in a broader spectrum than we do, including large portions of the UV range. Due to their side-set eyes, they have a much wider field of vision than humans - but this also explains why Kyle tends to run into flat into doors and misses the table when jumping; the wide-set eyes makes her depth perception screwy!

I had also been a bit concerned about Tsam, because I thought he'd broken a couple of his front teeth - he had only one front "fang" on his lower jaw. Much to my relief, that turns out to be completely normal too, as the front teeth are designed to fall out and be replaced on a regular basis.

He also worried me by sleeping oddly, until I also discovered that the dragon has a natural immense control over it's bone structure (such as making those soft spines stick out!). That allows them to do wacky things like go to sleep standing up - or in Tsam's case, just sleeping with his head up and his mouth hung open like an eejit.

One more fascinating fact then: the "third eye" in the top of a dragon's head really IS a third eye (otherwise known as a pareital eye). It has the ability to sense heat and shadows as well as acting as a killer bird detector - how coooool! In fact, they can use this third eye to tell them exactly HOW cool! If you want more beardie facts and info, you can find it here: BeardedDragons.

And I'm not mental! Beardies really are intelligent enough to recognise different people, and even their own names. Shame they just don't pay too much attention...

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