Monday, 22 March 2010

Mangled Meringue and Caught Cleaners!

His Lordship was mucking around making "Fail Proof" meringue. Which failed SPECTACULARLY, as shown here. Remarkably, there's actually less meringue than he started with by about 50%, which has mystified me - I can't work out where it's gone...

Following on with food complications, Nige made me laugh today - he's just moved into new work's accommodation, where he's only allowed a microwave. Bless the poor lad, he spent all his money stocking up his cupboard with canned microwavable edibles - only to discover he hadn't left himself enough money for a 'waveproof bowl or ... a tin opener. Once more, his sheer ingenuity astounds and amuses me; having thought about it for a few minutes, he decided his screwdriver would solve the can problem and his glasscutting tool applied to an empty bottle would provide for a suitable cooking container. Mmm, canned steak and gravy a la Lidl Orange container.

Impressively, the cleaner managed to lock herself IN, requiring me to come rescue her. This doesn't sound like much until you realise that the keys were inside the building and all the doors are built to be opened from the inside. She'd chosen to leave them in the one lock that works as the door handle - meaning it wouldn't turn and firmly removing all methods of access. This caused me to have a very scary thought: the national average IQ for the UK is 100. So, bearing in mind there's a lot of us smarter than that, I'm worried about the percentage of the population that's lower needed to create the average . I mean, an Alsatian dog has an IQ of 60 - but by law of averages, if my mother's a 142, there's likely to be someone with 58... Imagine being confused by shoelaces all your life... (Pic: Lilly at Pixdaus)

Interesting Fact for you: If you rub an onion on your foot, within 30–60 minutes you will be able to taste it! This is because the acids travel through the blood stream. Bearing in mind it has both antibacterial and antifungal properties, it's probably not a bad idea to go rubbing it on your feet anyway! Alright, so they'd smell of onions but, due to the germkilling action, at least they wouldn't smell of stinky feet.

Here's a giggle for Goof-Off Day - a rat's giggle!

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