Sunday, 21 March 2010

I like Pi

They say the sense of smell is deeply connected to the memory scenter (hehe, see what I did there?), so today, being as the 21st March is Fragrance Day, is a great day to discover and remember your favourite nasal flavours.

The one smell I miss most is my fruit pie village. My little old home village where my grandparents live, come summertime, smells of the most wonderful things as the season rolls on. As each tree type starts a new flower, the smells evolve. It starts off smelling like a delicious warm bath in late spring with the cherry and magnolia, early summer smells for all the world like Bakewell tart as the late cherry tree combines with the almonds and late summer brings in that gorgeous baked vanilla flavour of the chestnut trees... (Pic: Kev at Pixdaus)

The smell of freshly baked just-about-anything is wonderful though. I've almost mastered another new recipe of my own devising - a twist on my velvet rum'n'raisin, I call it "Jamaican Minervas" (because I wasn't sure if it would explode or not)! Starting with a layer of marmalade with fresh orange juice, you make a basic cake batter with a slosh of vanilla and lemon essence. A hefty slug of rum in both marmalade and cake mix, then seal the thing in with clingfilm. Stand well back and open the door for two seconds at fifteen second intervals - and enjoy! (Pic: Wikicommons)

Fact of the Day: The smell of rain in the woods, or rather on dry soil, has a name - petrichor.

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