Saturday, 27 March 2010

Great Gifts All Round

Today is a goooood day. Q Radio is hardwired into my happymode head, selecting the very funkiest of late night sounds and I have done some wonderful work on the fish tank. Having pondered for months whether to rehome my lovely loaches and close it down, I had a startling blast of inspiration, rendering it into this aquatic paradise from the barren, bleak box it had been before.

Laptop-cam hasn't the finest resolution, but here you can see sturdy grasses in a soft sandy base with stripy stones settled as perfect perches. So good it's alliterative. Cleverfish Erwin has this stuff sussed, scooting round the hidden pathways and appearing like a rocketfish from the middle of the grassbed. Blind, deformed but not broken Kansas is puzzled by it, but has quickly learned to navigate the blades and push them aside. Neville is just plain stumped - but he's never been particularly bright.

My American friend is sending over some Tagalong Scout Cookies (Pic: Tagalong Girl Scout Cookie: Peanutbutters in chocolate with biscuit base. Mmmm.) and some Mint Thins, which is a doublescore - I lost touch my supply from Texas some years ago, so I'm delighted to have a parcel on route with a stash of Nom in it. Another friend from down the road dropped off a box of small organic slugs for the dragons from her big organic garden - so win win all round there folks!

Better yet, it's Grumps's birthday, so I dished up some yummmmy foods followed by lemon cheesecake and sorbet. Happy Day Grandad!

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