Monday, 15 March 2010

"Everything You Think is Wrong!" Day.

For a great example of "What you think is wrong." try this for size: butterflies and moths aren't all lovely fluttery little insects. The Calyptra moths are a family of moths that are known to drink blood - even human blood. They literally drill their mouths into the skin and then use their victim's own blood pressure to force locking spines out of the sides of the proboscis to lock them into place!

It might be today's festival, but it's a great reason to look at things from a new perspective, so here's a picture of Saturn as captured from "behind" taken by the Cassini spacecraft. You can see clearly in this amazing image the "Phoebe" ring, which is tilted at 27 degrees from the others. Truly seeing things from a different angle! (Thanks

Being as almost everyone I know has some strange inability to manage punctuation, I thought I'd target one that nearly everyone thinks they CAN use correctly, but the actually don't! In keeping with the spirit of the day, I will happily acknowledge that I learned some things from theoatmeal's semicolon page...

Quote of the Day: "For a while, I thought I had figured out the difference between assumedly and assumably. But, after spending half the night researching, I am no longer certain there is a difference. They are both adverb forms of assume. All I can say is that assumedly, assumably and assumedly have been subsumed by presumably, so now I presume I will resume to consume my night in this room as I sanction a combination of procrastination and blog creation as my destination." - EricIndiana

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Anonymous said...

A typo: "...CAN use correctly but the actually don't."--you mean "they" not "the."