Tuesday, 16 March 2010

"Everything You Do is Right" Day

If it makes you feel better after yesterday's post, today is "Everything You Do is Right" Day - except of course the obvious, like anything illegal or harmful.

I forgot to do the post-Birthday writeup, so here goes. His Lordship decided the night before that He wanted ostrich steak and asparagus for His birthday dinner. I could have strangled Him, as you need at least three day's notice to order ossy steak.

So there I was, mulling over quite what to do, watching Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares when they did an advert for recommending your favourite restaurant. Being as I was online anyway, I voted - and noticed Mulberrys were doing one of their rare African nights on the exact date of His birthday. Interesting... Oooh, our favourite butternut soup!

Even more interesting - the steak of the night... Ostrich! I rang Garth up and luck was with me - he had a table free! Being the sweet people they are, they even did the asparagus for us!

Thank you again Mulberrys, we WILL be seeing you again soon!

Picture: (oddee.com) Tiny little Kingbird getting it's own back on a Redtailed Hawk! Lesson to learn: Be tenacious and determined - these plucky little birds can chase off predators 50 times their size by themselves.

Interesting Fact of the Day: Turns out we're all right! Both the Americans AND the British are wrong about Aluminum/Aluminium. When it was first isolated in 1808, it was called Alumium - and changed later to fit in better with "classical" elements like Platinum...

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