Sunday, 10 January 2010

Wild Wintery Weather

Turns out the dragons aren't all that impressed by snow. Kyle (not pictured) was not amused, ignored it and went to sleep. When I tried her later when she was in a better mood, she licked it, didn't like it and went to bed again.

Tsam, on the other hand, (pictured) was considerably more enthusiastic about the whole concept. But not by much. His consideration in the matter was that it was very cold and white. He had a good mouthful of it, mulled it over with a few crunches and deemed it to be cold and wet in flavour also.

We did go for a walk in the wild wintery weather out into town to view a property. I can't say I was enthusiastic. The "surprisingly spacious hall" was indeed surprisingly spacious. At two foot square, I was surprised at the lack of space. The double bedroom was also accurate - putting a mattress in there would have turned it into a double box bed.

I wasn't impressed by the "kitchen door" - a brown curtain, although the nice lady said it was included in the price, which was nice to know. The kitchen was either a novelty or a mockery, but I'm not sure which. Blue Formica and no room to take a pot out of the cupboard without having to reverse through the door. Sorry, curtain. In all, I believe the only redeeming feature (besides the avalanche of old mail wedging the front door when you try to open it) would be the £14.33 available on the electricity meter. Although this would soon be rapidly negated by the lack of central heating replaced by the provision of a crummy electric heater in the front room.

The suspected leak we have has been confirmed today, by this humungous icicle I discovered down the side of the house this morning. The water running down the wall from what appears to be an overflow pipe (possibly for the immersion boiler upstairs) has been catching on the boiler vent and trickling down to create these monstrous daggers of ice - the long one is just shy of six foot and four inches wide at its thickest point. His Lordship is in a state of disbelief and 5 10" if that's any help for true reference.

I noticed when we got back home this evening that it had grown another three or four inches!

Though all of us, including reptiles, were impressed by this very talented guy!

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