Monday, 18 January 2010

T'riffic Telephony (Tumblers Saga Continued 3)

I was on the phone for 36 minutes today with a man from the Government with absolutely no sense of humour. Bless him. He was doing some sort of questionnaire and was asking all kinds of questions, like would I be interested in mobile phone banking. I told him "I don't have a mobile phone. Yes, if it means the Government are going to give me a nice shiny new Iphone." He had a think about that one and said that the Government weren't currently doing any freebies. Shame that. I also did about two hours worth of ironing. It was about the same level of interesting. (Pic: Owl representation of Gvt Bloke Caller)

I also gave ApplianceDeals a call as we hadn't had confirmation of time slot or delivery as expected today. They were playing Razorlight's "America" which made a pleasant change from the synthetic garbage I have to listen to when on hold at work. It turns out there had been a blip in the system and the order hadn't gone through. Kyle apparently thought this was very funny and gave us one of her best laughs.

I've always said every complaint is a great opportunity for customer service. ApplianceDeals really proved my point - Chris, the bloke that was handling my call, was so nice about it all I just couldn't be irritated, after all, these things happen sometimes. He was very understanding, explained things clearly and helped me get it reordered and booked for delivery in record time!

Interesting (Kind of Related) Fact of the Day: The English horn is neither English nor a horn – it's a French alto oboe!

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