Saturday, 2 January 2010

They're taking away my green...

Excusing the bad spelling on the image, but it made me laugh. I do wonder if the housemates will get puzzled as to why the magic house faeries don't come to clean their new house. I have noticed the megapack of loo rolls I buy (as I'm the only one that actually buys 1.decent looroll and 2.more than just four in a pack) has been vanishing rather abruptly. Ah well, perhaps they can pray to the Porcelain God for their next supply - hehehe. I wouldn't mind, but I HATE that cheap, nASSty peach stuff that gets bought when I don't buy the looroll for a change. It clashes with everything, even the previously-considered-impossible-to-clash-with downstairs bathroom.

In preparation for the world taking away my green, I have been outside salvaging and potting up my plants, with Tsammy supervising from the windowsill inside. The bizarre caterpillar I discovered in the summer has eaten my lemon thyme, so I have left it, but the small leaf thyme, rosemary and chives have been retrieved, as have my two best strawberry plants and their runners. I've decided to wait for the new raspberry stalks to come up later in the year, as the crop is taken from a two year old stalk - if I take the smaller new risers, I can have fruiting stalks by the time we're moved into a proper garden again.

As to the 'barbs, I shall follow my Mum's genius thinking, and purchase tomato grow bags. Shallow, fertilised and easy to transport - the rhubarb plants should be quite happy in there for a year. After all, the original 'barb sat dormant in a bin liner in a bucket for a good year too! I'll wait for the snow to fall back a bit before I dig it up. I think there's more on the way though!

The passionflower of miracles I shall not disturb, but I shall leave a care letter for the next owners as it deserves to be noticed. The mock blackcurrant is too big to move, but will smell beautiful for many years to come in the space under the wild white insanity rose.

We had banana, orange peel and raisin crumble for pudding today, fantastic! His Lordship has been experimenting in the kitchen. I'm not keen on his brussels sprout and celery soup, but he likes it...

Thought for the day: Why is it in a restaurant, when you ask for a Coke and you're offered Pepsi, do you never respond with: "Sure, is Monopoly money alright?"

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