Tuesday, 26 January 2010

That's a Terrific Triple Tank!

The tripletank arrived a little later than expected; turns out neither of the lads had thought about how to fit a five foot by four foot board into a car! They ended up tying it to the roof with some leftover electrical cable and holding tight... We made it up to them with some nice bacon sammiches and coffee when they got here though.

I'm rather pleased about this, because just one 4 foot by 16" by 12" tank is about £120 to buy brand new. I bought three in a custom made clever unit for £90, delivery all in. Awesome! Potential Saving: £250

The picture isn't how it is currently - that's before it was taken apart and delivered, as I still have to put it together, but I figured it would be more sensible to wait until I've moved house anyway. It's got false drawers covering spaces to hide away the electrics and a special tray (currently off to show the features). The floor of each tank has a hole in - allowing your lizard to climb down to sleep in their special sleepy trays!

I discovered the controller on Tsammy's bulb would not be powerful enough to run a 30W 36" bulb that he'd need for a bigger tank - and I needed another controller for the new top tank. I was pondering how best to sort the lighting when I came up with a rather nifty solution. New controllers are about £25 a time, so I was delighted to find a twin bulb controller for the same price as a single! Problem solved! Potential Saving: £25.

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