Monday, 25 January 2010

A Polite Letter to the TV Tax Swindlers

Don't get caught out by TV licensing! It seems that paying works from the beginning of the month and doesn't matter WHAT day you pay. What a rip - if I'd have known I'd have gone without TV for 6 more days and started from February. The direct debit facility is even worse, requiring you to pay 6 months in advance! The website doesn't advise you why, or warn you of the date-to-date issue, so you only find out when it's too damn late. (Pic:

I've sent a formal complaint in on the matter and expect to hear back, but this is just in case you BBC saddos just happen to be Googling "BBC TV LICENCE IS GREAT!" Because you're going to get my little letter.

I'm not happy about having to pay TV Tax in the first place, so it's even more galling when they're taking the piss! Screw you BBC and your crappy programming list. Who the f*** watches creepy "Cash in the attic" anyway except brain numbed daytime zombies? I don't know what we're paying for; the quality is crap, your websites are worse and the IPlayer is being given away for FREE by other FREE channels - YOU don't pay ITV, do you?

Go shove it.

Yours sin celery,
One deeply cheesed off, forced-to-be customer.

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