Friday, 25 December 2009

Perfect Presents!

Yay! What a fabulous day!

My present from Tsammy was my first real snuggle from him! Aww comfy lizard hugs. Kyle was good natured first thing in a morning, which is a treat from her, and I got a load of funky presents. Some of my presents are: two raffia chameleons from Mr & Mrs Lordship a pair of awesome Christmas socks (and an autobiog starter kit) from my colleague, a Marian Keyes book from His Lordship, and an Edward Monkton bag from Mum. I wore my lovely new coat from Nan & Grandad and will set my tumbledrier going when I get home. Hank gave me a set of natural bioactive lotions and potions and George gave me a bottle of yummy Baileys Caramel. Nice one to everybody, thank you very much.

Mulled wine going down a treat. His Lordship is basting the bird and sorting the dinner. I've barely done a thing - it's GREAT! I've been extremely helpful though, by advising and supervising Himself and Himself Senior as they've been making a mess in the kitchen. Himself Senior is a grand vegetable peeler, and they made a good team putting everything in as many pans as they could possibly find! So far it's looking pretty good - there's only one item gone wrong, as the lemon meringue suffered a bit of a disaster. But it will be just as tasty!

Have been back in the kitchen to check on things. I showed them how to use a fork to pull away a chicken thigh from the body and look at the meat. The juices look clear but I've told them to give it a few more minutes to be on the safe side and let the skin crisp up properly, as they've been very good about basting it.

My presents around the country seem to be going down a treat - His Lordship Senior was reduced to tears laughing at my Sudoku Loo Roll. "Just the thing for down the shed!" Grandad was very pleased by his present - he'd asked for "a bit more ginger". So I bought him a signed nude photo of Geri Halliwell - Ginger Spice. He says: "I had a lick of it, very tasty!" My stepfather I'm informed is wearing his Hong Kong Phooey T-shirt, Mum thinks the painting His Lordship did for her is gorgeous, and everyone at Mum's is delighted to see the icecream maker.

His Lordship got PILES of gifts, including several computer bits, George's Mint Baileys and multiple pairs of socks. He also got a keg from Hank - with a little luck it won't be as bad as Sherman's Heineken. He turned up with it a couple of weeks ago, apologising because he might have shaken it up a little on the run from his house. Needless to say, the pints pulled from it were consistently in the condition shown, from the first to the last.

Ahhhhh, I am stuffed. Daft pair only forgot to put the potatoes in for roasting, but the rest was more than enough! The chicken was so tender and well cooked that the white, soft meat literally fell off the bone. Noone else likes chicken skin, so much to my delight I was able to snaff the crispy coating and nom it. Doesn't normally happen back home as I have a fight with the rest of the family over it.

Apparently the Pope just got knocked over - by the same woman that tried to do it last year. It seems obvious why he needs security - but on the other hand, the motto "In God we trust" has become a little defunct, surely? Perhaps it should be "We thank God for the trust in our security men"?

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