Monday, 28 December 2009

Marvellous Movies and Perfect Pizza

It was glorious Boxing Day morning, and I am content in the knowledge that I do not have work for another two days. The ice has gone and the skies are clear. The damp is persistent and the mould is black - hehehe.

We took a stroll into town in the afternoon and marvelled at the emptied miracle that is Tesco's. I can't believe that people go that mental as if the store is going to be closed for a week. It was open the next piggin' day! Ah well. We still picked up some yummy new fake Maltesers and fizzy grape juice for the cinema. Avatar was a very pretty film and Sherlock Holmes was almost accurate, whilst being very good fun. Plus they didn't have the overblown pipe!

We also stopped for one of my favourite rare snacks, churros. A churro is a simple batter in a cylindrical-ish shape, fried into swirly lengths. They're then sprinkled with sugar and served up with cinnamon, ginger, chocolate or lemon sauce by a nice chap called Danny. This lead me on to a partially food-based blog today.

My personal favourite dish that His Lordship does is VERY simple, but easy to spoil. Some plain green pesto, a little splash of balsamic, crunchy asparagus, garlic mushrooms and pasta (usually fusilli for ease). Keep it simple and beautiful.

I personally do a wicked ostrich steak. Whack it in a pan to sear, cook and pop under a grill to keep warm and finish. Serve with sweet bush bok potato and vegetables and top with a red wine, herb and onion gravy. Threw Hank if you remember, but ruddy tasty.

Talking of which, I do wish we'd have had a bit more warning from the housemates moving out though. One thing is clear - I can't afford to run this house myself and it's far too big for what He and I need. I genuinely believe it's not going to be practical to try to get two more people in to replace them; hell, even if we could, we're not going to manage it in time. Thank God for dark chocolate gingerbread - a calming influence in harsh times.

His Lordship is currently on the phone to Himself Senior, whom owns the current property, discussing matters which are insanely complex in themselves. Having had a good think, I'm guessing our best option is to look at a smaller house - but this is where it becomes crazy-confused - purchasing the thing. Due to His Lordship's unique situation through no fault of his own, I can't take a mortgage out with him, which makes purchasing incredibly hard and obviously I can't afford it on my wages.

We've come up with a solution however! We're going to shift into a cheaper, temporary flat whilst we help empty and fix this place up. Because it's a good big house at a fairly low price, it should sell well. Then we've got the funds to buy a nicer, newer, smaller place! There's a property on St Andrews I quite like, but I doubt it'll still be there once we've finished here. Ah well. Perhaps here will be a nice place to live? Hehehe...

All that typing's made me hungry now - I think ham, pepper, onion and mushroom pizza for dinner, topped with Mexicana Chilli Cheese. Mmmmm... Lots of onions. Cut the onion in half and take neat semicircles, keeping the individual layers together.

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