Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Horrible Hiccups

Today should be interesting, certainly more successful than last year at least! I didn't leave it down to my Ex to contact peoples back home, as I am now (or rather, Kyle is) on FaceBook! It'll be nice to see everyone again, as well as Elbow, whom is coming for lunch or dinner or somesuch here also. As ever, I'm not entirely sure what it happening. But it's more fun like that.

****Some Time Later****

Last night was superb! Everyone turned up, even Doodles. The highlight of the evening was His Lordship's ferocious hiccups, followed by strangely stuffing-scented wind. we almost coloured Foz's tattoo in with a Sharpie Marker, insults were traded all round the table and everybody has got hairier since last year. I wonder if he's noticed it's permanent ink yet....?

Some of you may know about Etsy, a bizarre American site, a lot like eBay but without the bidding, targeted at people selling homemade things. is all the things that only deeply drunk people would find good to purchase. Shown here is a classic example: "I can haz blunt force trauma." Needless to say, there's also an entire section dedicated entirely to penises. Definitely NSFW for a large part and not suitable for minors.

Alas, it is still raining, but we really ought to go out and visit the Sockish side of the family and mooch round the village for a while.

Weirdest quote of the day: "Why is there a dead pakistani on my couch - after typing "why is" into google search..."

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