Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Flippin' Frosty

I've just been outside and found that the flashing has suddenly come away from the back wall with the frost, so big chunks of the outer wall are falling off... (Image: Pixdaus - Farhad)

STOP PRESS! Shock news - injecting toxins into your face to freeze the muscles isn't safe! Read more HERE. WARNING: Not that interesting. There's a surprise.

Talking of frosty weather, I bummed the bike out for the first time in nearly a year. Turns out Foldhill is pretty much a glacier rather than a road. Thankfully I was already going very slow, so I haven't even got a bruise, but I did put a ding in my right side floortrim. Whilst that's annoying, there's not a scratch on anything else, and the floortrim only costs a couple of pounds to replace.

Ah. I have just discovered next year is going to be very interesting indeed. Both the housemates are looking at moving out into their own places at the end of January, as George is looking to complete at the end of this month and Hank is looking at trekking Florida with his girlfriend before settling down.

Ah well, His Lordship and I were considering the possibility of a smaller house when the others move out anyway, so that works out fairly well. This house is far too big and problematic for just two people. Having had a think about it, we've worked out that all the dodgy glazing needs replacing, the house really needs rewiring at some point, the plumbing isn't exactly... ideal at the best of times, the telephone system is seriously screwy, the heating is a permanent confusion and then there's the ubiquitous and consistent damp problem - which is getting worse.

Any suggestions as to what to do about the damned mould would be gratefully accepted. We've tried bleach, specialised mould killers, special paints - I've run out of weapons against the black blotches...

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