Thursday, 17 December 2009

Dragon VS Dog

Having not viewed Kyle's email account for a little while, I was greatly amused to discover a grand total of 959 pieces of junk mail!

The dog was scared silly by the dragons, after spoiking his nose on Tsammy's heavy duty head prongs. This prompted a permanent exclusion zone of two feet - unless one of the lizards moved, and then the zone leapt to four. Dog tried to "protect" Mum from the scary things, but Mum soon became the protector when Tsam pondered over to take a look.

The worst bit is that Tsammy is actually BIGGER than Dog.

My sister made me laugh this week - she's definitely one of us. Mum put up a "Twilight" poster above her bed from the middle of the newspaper to wind her up. Bogle tore it down and then got a rather good idea... The cheeky madam set up an auction ring at school and charged her best friend £3 for a free poster. "She wanted to pay just £1, but I wasn't letting her get away with that!"

Word of the Day: "Izerdunyeh?" loosely translated as an enquiry as to the completion of an item or process.

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