Monday, 14 December 2009

Angelic Animals and Clean Coats...

Tsammy got in the Christmas spirit with us this week. A packet of glittery pipecleaners transformed my little demon into a little angel - and the daft dragon loved it! He hoicked down the halo and licked it a few times, decided he liked it and hurtled off to show Kyle.

He stopped at her tank, stomped his foot and bobbitied, "Look at me! I'm GORGEOUS!" Unfortunately, the bobbiting made his halo counterbobbity and smacked him in the head.

They've been impressively good when we've been going round town. Tsam's only paux fas was in Quirly's, where he took a shine to a box of sparkly things and decided it was his hoard. Kyle sat there being beautiful.

Talking of things beautiful, I have found the coat I want at last. His Lordship accidently shrunk my Italian wool coat by putting it in the tumble drier. No problem, these things happen, poor lad was just trying to be helpful. Plus it gave me a great excuse to buy a new one, as my old one was getting a little bit rough round the edges. The coat I have my eye on in Wallis fits like it was made for me, in super soft chenille wool and satin lining, in luxurious black with a liquid silver inner and REAL POCKETS. The trouble I have finding a coat I like is ridiculous. I don't like too many buttons and so many coats have oversized ones or dodgy pockets - or worse, fake pockets. Pockets that aren't. Why would anyone DO that?!

Quote of the day: "I watch every calorie I eat. I miss my mouth if I don't." - Mum.

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