Monday, 9 November 2009

Stores, Sandwiches, Sweetener and Super-Sugary!

I was looking for a book for a Christmas present and I couldn't find it anywhere in the store. I was sure I had seen it in the window, so I went back outside to check again - and realised the problem. (Read the shop sign!)

We have just partaken in the most odd dessert - it's supposed to be "Tesco Incredibly Smooth Toffee Low Fat Yogurt". It had a light, burnt sugar flavour with thinnish patches and then thick creamy globs just when you're not expecting them. However, I was pleased to find a grand total of one bit of actual chewy fudge in this bizarrely textured foodstuff. The rest of the pieces were... truly strange. It was... it was how you'd imagine eating bubble wrap would be like. They were these almost firm bibbles of substance which, upon applying pressure with your tongue, would sort of deflate, leaving plasticy feeling shards - just like running your finger (or tongue) over popped bubble wrap. Closer examination revealed them to have some form of syrup inside, but I had to fish one out and pop it on the spoon before I noticed.

And here's the winner for me. This "Low Fat Yogurt" turned out to contain around 31% of your daily sugar intake!

Sticking with the lunch theme, we have found the safest word on the internets! It came back with 47 pages worth of google images with SafeSearch switched off - and not one pornographic image! "Sandwiches" - Tasty AND safe for all ages! Better yet, Google even recommended Healthy Sandwiches! (Point of interest - quite a lot of meringue appears on this search.) It only took 22 pages to find a picture-nasty for just "Sandwich" though. (Pic:

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