Monday, 23 November 2009


I am somewhat thankful that my big box of American MRE samples arrived today. MRE stands for Meal Ready to Eat - carefully packed, nutritionally balanced foodstuffs for on duty military personnel.

Thankful because our stupid fridge freezer is being extra retarded. The fridge freezes better than the freezer. His Lordship took an egg out, cracked it over a pan, and promptly nearly messed himself laughing as a "whole" egg fell out. Frozen solid. The salad vegetables were ruined, soggy piles of pale green goop and the yogurts are more like icecream. *sigh*

The MREs have all kinds of yummy things in, the meals themselves are chili and macaroni, and a minestrone dish. We have lots of extras, including peanut butter, cappuchino, vegetable crackers, spiced apples, grape juice, jalapeno cheese spread... all kinds of niceness! The chocolate brownie we shared - and it was AWESOME. Not only is it boosted with extra iron, it also contains over 18% of your daily dietary fibre and tastes like awesomeness! (Alright, so it doesn't beat Mum's brownies, but it had a damn good try of it.)

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