Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Fence Panels and Fuchsia Pots...

Ugh, why do people choose such obvious names for their pets? Somewhere in the world, a dozen times over in this same minute, yet another poor kitten is being saddled with the moniker "Tigger". Don't get me wrong, I love A.A.Milne - but I don't believe you should curse some poor little cat with such a common name. Call your pets something that actually suits them, and he'd be a lot easier to find, rather than half a dozen local "Fluffies" or "Tiggers" turning up at your door when you shout him in for dinner time. Think about it, could you live with being called "Fluffy" all your life?

Terry Tackety-Toes has now hit 9.9g and growing fast. Kyle is fed up with the cooling weather, Tsam has turned into a teenager and is refusing to get out of bed. Seems sensible to me. Mind you, we've had an engineer in to fix the heating at last! Just in time really... Weather down here absolutely shocking - my lavender tree in it's pot blew over, my greenhouse shredded in the wind, several glazed pots blew away across the lawn, one fence panel has come loose, my fuchsia uprooted (I replanted and pegged it) and my ripening fig blew off and the woodlice have eaten it!

I think the bad weather has got to Him also. His Lordship was wondering what to have for lunch and I reminded him we didn't have any bread left when he suggested soup. He went "Oh. Ok, I could do a sandwich instead then?" How would you do that. "Oh. Oh, yeah. Duhhh."

Ah well, thank goodness for Tesco's website - you don't get the full force of the gale winds when you go shopping online!

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