Thursday, 15 October 2009

Failed Florentines and Better Bathrooms

I have got much more done in the last couple of days. Having left the downstairs bathroom for a considerable number of weeks, I realised yesterday men are not disturbed by thick layers of filth in their living areas. Confronted by the considerable mess, I pondered what to do about it.

In the end, I removed all items not fixed down - pulled the door almost to, and sprayed most of the contents of a large can of cleaning foam into the room. Walk away for ten minutes, laugh at the male that wandered in and subsequently fled choking. I spent a considerable time then cleaning it - but now it's white, as opposed to brown and grey.

I had a go at making Florentines L'Orange today. Lots of almonds, a drop or two of citrus oils and vanilla, some dried citrus peels, dark orange Bournville and some possibly-not-going-to-set sugar mix . Yes, I got my sugar mix slightly wrong, and now I have a brilliant liquidy caramel! I wanted a more Rolo texture, but I got "Big Purple One" instead by accident. Still tastes good though. My florentines did NOT look anything like the picture, but the recipe on is probably more practical than mine.

We've picked up the train tickets for going up North in December, and I'm fully stuck in to proper Christmas shopping. I'm only buying for close family, because I only have limited space in the suitcase, and we do have to carry everything after all!

There was a nice little plant going for 75p in Tesco - one of those pretty orange/red bromeliads. It's now tucked happily in the back of Terry's tank, adding a splash of much needed, vibrant colour.

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