Sunday, 11 October 2009

Apples and Pears (and Bananas?)

What a truly pleasant week off. I've had my grandparents visit, we've been out some nice places, had some great meals and done absolutely nothing I intended to do this week! (Literal pic of the week:

We went Mulberry's for dinner and had a row with Grumps about who'd pay. He's really firm when he puts his foot down - he was NOT going to let me pay! I rave about Mulberry's a lot, but Garth does some wicked-good foods. Grumps, being an avid ginger muncher and warned about it, was still quite surprised at the ferocity of the ginger icecream! Good stuff!

We watched two seperate carnivals in one day, I bought a wonderful bit of Kyanite and shared a toasty bag of chips with His Lordship late at night on the way home - perfection.

My favourite day had to be that "Apple Day" in Sturminster Newton. After promptly ignoring the SatNav, it took us nearly an additional 25 minutes to get to where we were going, and then discovered that this highly acclaimed apple day was little more than 10 trees, an apple press and a couple of stalls. And the apple cake had already sold out! But nonetheless, I thoroughly enjoyed it. That's what these days out are all about - and I picked up some delicious pear cider.

High point of the day? Nan: "Ooh, what have they got on that table over there?" Me, blinking: "A dirty nappy Nan. That man's changing his baby. Ask nicely and he'll probably give you a good deal on it though."

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