Sunday, 27 September 2009

Ryvita and Roaches

I have decided to get back in touch with my "Bad Girl". It's no fun being stressed and working too hard. Time to put your foot down ladies - especially if it's wearing a nice slinky stiletto! After weeks of prodding people, I got annoyed and sent an email to one of our in house dragons. She's got a ferocious reputation, but my god, does she get the job done! I aspire to put the fear into people the same way she's done. There's a shakeup starting AND my extra hours are being paid - not just excess hours pay (normal rate) but overtime pay (double rate) - so I can't exactly complain!

I have also decided to lose weight. I tried houmous and Ryvita - and it's actually quite tasty as a lunch thing. Nuthin' compared to my kickass curry. Sweet and light highs, fruity melodies, with a Scotch Bonnet synthkick and caramelised onion and pepper bassline.

Kyle's happy because she pigged so hard on roaches she hocked up a live one again. She's got good at it now, she catches and eats it before it gets away from her, thank goodness. Tsam is sulking because I've taken out his ratty old leaves and haven't replaced them. Terry is growing fast, 7.4g at last feeding. I'm attempting to get him to fend for himself, but it's going slowly...

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